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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Most frequently asked questions people have for the Jackson Hinds Library System are listed below. If you do not see your particular question, please do not hesitate to call the library closest to you.

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• ( Q ) Why was my library account sent to a collection agency?

( A ) The Jackson Hinds Library System uses Unique Management, a collection agency that works only with libraries, to collect unpaid balances over $25.00 that remain after 60 days on our system.

Before being referred to collections, library customers typically will have received 3 courtesy notices about their overdue balances via a automated phone call, an email or text message. Each account sent to Unique Management is automatically assessed a $10.00 collection fee to cover the cost of their services. At no time is a customer's information shared with any credit reporting agency and other business, and having a library fine should not affect your credit rating, as overdue fees are not reported to any credit bureau.

To avoid being sent to the collection agency, please pay your overdue fines or other fee balances at your local library branch or on our new online payment portal:

Once your payment is received, you should not receive any further notices regarding the balance either from our library automated notice system or from Unique Management.

If you believe that your account was sent to collections in error, please contact the library administrative offices at 601-968-5825. Please have your name, address, phone number and library card number available to give to the person taking the message so that your account can be found and reviewed. You will receive a call back from a member of the library administrative staff as soon as your account is reviewed.

• ( Q ) How much does it cost to rent a DVD?

( A ) New DVD rentals that have been out for less than 3 months are $1.00 for a one week check-out. DVDs that are older than 3 months are free to rent.

Overdue fees for all DVDs are $1.00 per day.

• ( Q ) How do I renew my library card?

( A ) Please stop by any open branch within the library system to show proof that you live in Hinds County and provide updated information on your address and phone numbers.

Library cards must be renewed once a year.

• ( Q ) How long is my library card valid?

( A ) Your library card is always valid, as long as you visit one of our libraries at least once per year. Any card can be renewed by verifying address and telephone numbers on or around the time the card is set to expire.

• ( Q ) Where can I return my library items?

( A ) You can return your books, CD books, DVDs and all other library items to any of the open locations of the Jackson/Hinds Library System. Use our convenient book drops to make sure your books are checked in promptly.

DVDs and AV items must be returned at a circulation desk, not put into the book drop.

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