Public Computers & WiFi

Public access computers are available at all of our library branches.

All of our computers can be used free of charge.

Print affordably in black and white or color.

Use any available computer during library hours to access the internet, create documents, send emails, print and more. Sessions are 90 minutes at a time.

To use a computer, log in with the barcode number on the back of your JHLS library card. Patrons must have no fines or fines less than $5.00 to log in.

If you do not have a library card or have a fine greater than $5.00, ask the circulation desk for a 30-minute guest pass.

You can print from one of our public computers for 20 cents per black and white page or 50 cents per color page. Retrieve and pay for your prints at the circulation desk. If you are printing from a file, we recommend emailing it to yourself first or saving it to a cloud service such as Google Drive for easy access after logging into your account. Otherwise, you can bring a portable USB drive.

Have a laptop or need to access data with your smartphone? Take advantage of our free WiFi service at all of our library branches – no password needed. (If you are using a laptop, you can print for free with your wireless connection. Look for the web page called Wireless Printing for Laptops for more information.)

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