STREAM: Daily Event

Date(s) - Tuesday, July 23, 2024
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Evelyn Taylor Majure Library


We complete a STREAM activity daily. The activity will start with reading a book, completing a Making binoculars, Fizzy Rockets, Beaning Bag, Make a Yo-Yo, Falling Orange, Kaleidoscope, Sink or Float, Diving Ketchup, Lava Lamp, Ice cream in a Bag, Unleakable Baggie, Foam Explosion, Solar Oven, Levitating Ping Pong ball, Picture Perfect Activity, Balloon Powered Car, Craft Stick Bingo, Zipline Challenge, Shoe Box Game, Parachute Fliers, Pom Pom Drop, Drinking Straw Rollercoaster, Marble Run, Egg Drop Challenge, Snack Structures, Soda Geyser, Spinning Top, Bubble Painting, Craft Stick Catapult, Let’s Make a Carousel, Pom Pom Slingshot, Marble Maniac, and Slime.