The Power of Gratitude Virtual Program

Date(s) - Monday, November 1, 2021 - Saturday, December 31, 2022
All Day

Fannie Lou Hamer Library


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This will be a series of intergenerational programs with the power of gratitude being a constant theme.We know all too well how the three little words “I Love You” touch the heart and changes lives like no others. There are two little words that come in a close second – “Thank You” – they make a powerful impact on people’s lives as well.Showing kindness comes in many forms, from a smile to paying for a stranger’s coffee. From giving a thank you card to the mailman to visiting that teacher who made a difference in your life. Just to express your gratefulness in the use of two small words, “Thank You” can make a difference in someone’s day. A little gratitude goes a long way! Plus, there’s always something to be thankful for.(Gratitude also helps children appreciate what they already have. For example, children often fail to understand how or what it took to prepare a good meal or give them a present. This can result in a lack of appreciation and satisfaction with the opportunities and gifts they are given. Expressing thanks helps kids to be happier with what they have instead of always wanting or needing something more.)

Hosted by Fannie Lou Hamer Library. Programs are listed from newest to oldest.

closeup of wooden heart lying on nature trail

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April Virtual Story Time

The Tale of Peter Rabbit read by Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne• Written by: Beatrix Potter

• Illustrated by: Beatrix Potter

• Published by: Penguin Random House

• Read by: Rose Byrne

The quintessential cautionary tale, The Tale of Peter Rabbit warns naughty children about the grave consequences of misbehaving. When Mrs. Rabbit beseeches her four furry children not to go into Mr. McGregor’s garden, the impish Peter naturally takes this as an open invitation to create mischief. He quickly gets in over his head when he is spotted by farmer McGregor himself.

The Hamer Library will also offer curbside service Spring Grab-N-Go coloring sheets, word search puzzles and crafts while supplies last. Call (601) 362-3012 for more information.




Documentary: Fannie Lou Hamer’s America

Monica Land

Monica Land

The documentary Fannie Lou Hamer’s America premiered on PBS on February 22, 2022. The film was produced by Hamer’s great-niece, Monica Land. James Hampton, Reference Librarian, and Rosemary Luckett, Branch Manager of Fannie Lou Hamer Library, assisted Ms. Land in researching information centered around the naming of the Fannie Lou Hamer Library as well as other contributions made by different individuals. The Fannie Lou Hamer’s America Project is a proud recipient of the 2022 Public Humanities’ Preserver of Mississippi Culture Award.

The documentary is available to view for free through March 31, 2022. You can watch the film below. Additional information including photos from the film, the February 15 panel discussion including panelists such as Monica Land and Aunjanue Ellis, and much more can be found at



The following music video is an excerpt from the documentary featuring Sounds of Blackness.

Sounds of Blackness – Sick & Tired ft. HSRA (Official Video)


Fannie Lou Hamer’s America is the centerpiece of a global multimodal project to amplify Hamer’s voice, that also includes: a film discussion guide, a K-12 educational curriculum that was piloted in Hamer’s native Sunflower County in the Mississippi Delta; a driving tour of Hamer-related sites; a free young filmmaker’s workshop; a children’s book; an animated movie on BrainPOP, and a resource center for students and researchers.

Fannie Lou Hamer’s America is now streaming on WORLD, and the PBS and YouTube apps.


Gratitude Challenge for March 1 – 7, 2022

Name the first woman who ran for president of the United States.

silhouette of Statue of Liberty to the right of a waving United States flag

Did you know…More than 50 women have run for the presidency of the United States?

Test your Women’s History knowledge.

How many can you name?



Gratitude Challenge for February 13 – 19, 2022

Kindness – Inspirational & Motivational Video

This week’s challenge is twofold:

1. Share your favorite inspirational/motivational quote(s).

2. Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week by paying it forward.

(Ex. Give the mail carrier a thank you note, donate food to a food pantry, pay for a stranger’s coffee, check on an elderly neighbor.)


Life Vest Inside – Kindness Boomerang – “One Day”


The first person to share both, especially with pictures/videos, will win a special prize. Everyone who takes part will go in a drawing for a mystery prize giveaway March 11.

For a bonus prize, share comments and pictures on Random Acts of Kindness Day, February 17, 2022.

Email your entries to



February Storytimes

Hispanic man holding up a children's bookSomebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

• Written by: Eileen Spinelli
• Illustrated by: Paul Yalowitz
• Published by: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
• Read by: Hector Elizondo

Mr. Hatch is a drab, predictable gentleman who leads a painfully ordered and uninteresting life. One Valentine’s Day a giant candy-filled heart is delivered to Mr. Hatch with a note that reads, “Somebody loves you.”



We are grateful for the incredible work of Storyline Online for this wonderful story that teaches us the importance of Acceptance, Love, Friendship, Community, and Empathy.

Share an encouraging note with someone you love.

you are always in my heart!

Make sure to contact the Hamer Library from February 10-15, 2022 for Valentine and story time activity sheets while supplies last. We offer curbside services and will be happy to assist you.

Call (601) 362-3012 Monday–Friday from 9:00 AM–12:00 PM and 1:00 PM–5:00 PM.



A Kind Word Is Like a Spring Day

Starting in February 2022, we invite you to join the Hamer Library’s Gratitude Challenge.

This initiative is a project to promote positive happenings in and around our respective neighborhoods, towns and cities. We want to spread good news from telling the wonderful things in our community to spreading the random acts of kindness displayed across Mississippi and beyond.

Look for a new challenge question on social media each week with the hashtags #GratitudeChallenge and #jhhamer.

mountain landscape with flowers in foreground



Please join the Fannie Lou Hamer Library for a fun and enlightening journey exploring the Power of Gratitude.

Today I choose to live with gratitude for the love that fills my heart, the peace that rests within my spirit, and the voice of hope that says all things are possible.

~  Anonymous


No matter your goals or intentions for the new year, practicing gratitude or simply expressing kindness will make a profound difference in your life.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.


Athletes of the Gesture, a dance routine for the Paralympic Games 2020 to 2024

Une chorégraphie Originale par Sadeck Waff

Athletes of the Gesture, a dance routine for the Paralympic Games 2020 to 2024 | The Kid Should See This



Discover the benefits of using and sharing fruits of positivity.

This fruit is always in season: love, gentleness, kindness, patience, faithfulness, self-control, joy, generosity, peace.

The following video encourages us to practice kindness.

The Little Things: Small Kindness, Big Impact


Small kindness, significant impact: How grocery runs strengthened a community

This StoryCorps animation, The Little Things, shares a conversation between Herman Travis and his friend and neighbor Robert Cochran as they talk about Travis’ day in and day out support of his neighbors in need.




pressboard cutout of the word friends on sidewalk. Outdoor background.


Caucasian woman with brown hair holding up a children's book with both hands.Maddi’s Fridge

• Written by: Lois Brandt
• Illustrated by: Vin Vogel
• Published by: Flashlight Press
• Read by: Jennifer Garner

With humor and warmth, this children’s picture book raises awareness about poverty and hunger! Best friends Sofia and Maddi live in the same neighborhood, go to the same school, and play in the same park, but while Sofia’s fridge at home is full of nutritious food, the fridge at Maddi’s house is empty. Sofia learns that Maddi’s family doesn’t have enough money to fill their fridge and promises Maddi she’ll keep this discovery a secret. But because Sofia wants to help her friend, she’s faced with a difficult decision: to keep her promise or tell her parents about Maddi’s empty fridge. Filled with colorful artwork, this storybook addresses issues of poverty with honesty and sensitivity while instilling important lessons in friendship, empathy, trust, and helping others.



Closeup of blue and black butterfly on silhoueet of grass blades. Rainbow colored background.

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.

~ William Arthur Ward




illustration of nighttime landscape with nothern lights


Caucasian woman with dark hair holding a children's bookHanukkah in Alaska

• Written by: Barbara Brown
• Illustrated by: Stacey Schuett
• Published by: Henry Holt and Co.
• Read by: Molly Ephraim

Hanukkah in Alaska is unlike anywhere else. Snow piles up over the windows. Daylight is only five hours long. And one girl finds a moose camped out in her backyard, right near her favorite blue swing. She tries everything to lure it away: apples, carrots, even cookies. But it just keeps eating more tree! It’s not until the last night of Hanukkah that a familiar Jewish holiday tradition provides the perfect-and surprising-solution.




closeup of plate of latkes with sour creamTry this yummy latke recipe!

Courtesy of Farmers’ Almanac


View Recipe