UPDATE: The doors to the library branches are no longer locked during business hours. Appointments are no longer required. Public computer spaces are limited for social distancing.

Effective August 17, 2020: If you arrive 20 or more minutes late to your appointment, you may potentially forfeit the remainder of your allotted time to another patron.

Interested in using our new appointment service for using a computer, copying and faxing? Here are the easy steps:

  1. Call your local library and make a reservation! If you don’t have a phone, please knock on your library door.  Someone will help you make a reservation from a safe distance.  We will take appointments for up to two weeks in advance.
  2. Come to your local branch at your appointment time. Please be prompt and be prepared with logins and passwords.  We have a limited number of appointments and can’t extend time.
  3. Make sure you wear a mask and be ready to have your temperature checked with our contactless thermometers.
  4. Understand that time is limited to one hour session per day. We won’t be able to extend the time if you are late. 
  5. It is best if you come to your appointment by yourself. Children can accompany you if necessary, but they must stay with their parent/guardian and they won’t be permitted to go to the children’s department or play on a computer.  Adults (18 and over) will need to wait outside the building.  Please let the staff know when you book your appointment if you will be bringing children.
  6. Due to social distancing, library staff won’t be available for one-on-one computer help.
  7. The rest of the library is closed. Browsing for books or other materials before or after your appointment won’t be permitted.  If you wish to checkout items, please utilize our curbside service.  When your appointment is over, you can head to your car and have staff bring you your items.
  8. If you aren’t going to be able to make your appointment, please give the library a call. That way, we will know to free up the time slot for someone else.

Reservations Flyer (PDF)

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