The Pencil That Grew Legs And Ran Away book cover

The Pencil That Grew Legs And Ran Away book cover. Source: Amazon

The Pencil That Grew Legs and Ran Away was written by former JHLS staff member Zimbabwe Mays. From Amazon:

What if your pencil came to life? Perhaps, it’s tired of writing too. But what happens when the pencil has had enough? “So, the little girl drew and wrote everything in her sight. Till one day the pencil grew tired and decided to put up a fight!” Join the little pencil, in this picture book adventure as he plots his escape but realizes he needs legs to make a quick getaway.

Affectionately know as “Zimmy,” Mays worked as the Youth Services Assistant at the former Charles Tisdale Library for two and a half years and at the Medgar Evers Library for nine months.

“I’m so proud of her,” stated Branch Manager Anne Sanders, whom Mays reported to at both locations.

In the tradition of JHLS and many public libraries, Mays read her book as a story time segment followed by a pencil craft for a YouTube video. During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the YouTube video will come in handy for parents and educators offering distance learning for children.

Congratulations on your published book, Zimmy!

To view the YouTube video, click here or play the video below.

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