The Jackson Hinds Library System welcomes clean, new or like-new books as long as they are in serviceable condition. We accept adult fiction, adult nonfiction, juvenile fiction and nonfiction, easy picture books, paperback books, music CDs, vinyl records, DVDs and CD books.

two bookshelves filled with books


1. Books may be dropped off at the back loading dock of Eudora Welty Library at any time. Please do not block the door or building exit. We do not accept books that have been stored in non-climate controlled conditions, books exposed to insect or pest contamination, encyclopedia sets or textbooks.

2. All donations are final. We cannot return books after they have been accepted by the library staff. We provide an acknowledgement via donation letter, but we do not give estimates of the monetary worth of the donation.

3. If you have a large number of items and need help unloading them or want to have them picked up at a library branch, please call and make an appointment at (601) 968-5825.

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