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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Most frequently asked questions people have for the Jackson Hinds Library System are listed below. If you do not see your particular question, please do not hesitate to call the library closest to you.

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• ( Q ) How do I get a library card?

( A ) Picking up a library card is quick and easy.

Stop by any of our 14 branches, fill in an application and show us a picture ID or similar documentation showing us that you live in Hinds County. Children and teens need a parent's signature to receive a card. The card is FREE to any Hinds County resident.

If you live outside Hinds County, you can still receive a library card for only $25.00 a year for an individual and $50.00 for a family living in the same household.

• ( Q ) What if my library card is lost or stolen?

( A ) If your library card becomes lost or stolen, you should immediately notify any of our library branches so that we can block any further use of the lost or missing card. You will be issued a replacement card which costs $.50 each.

Please note: Library card owners are still responsible for all items checked out on their card, unless they notify the library system and block access as soon as their card becomes lost or missing. Please do not allow anyone else to borrow or use your library card, as you, the owner, are still responsible for any fines and fees incurred by anyone else who borrows or uses your library card. Parents are responsible for materials checked out on their children's or teen's card.

In cases of identity theft, library patrons must bring a police report referencing the identity theft incident with dates matching the theft of the items on the library card. Please contact the library administration offices at 601-968-5825 to make an appointment to present the police report and discuss how the stolen items can be removed from your card.

• ( Q ) How long can I keep an item out?

( A ) Print, audio or CD books have a check-out period of 3 weeks.
Lease books have a check-out period of 2 weeks.
DVDs have a check-out of 7 days.

All items can be renewed for an additional check-out period, not to exceed to the item's check-out length. However, an item cannot be renewed once it has reached the renewal limit. At that time, the item can be checked out again by bringing it to any open branch within the Jackson Hinds Library System. If it does not have a hold on it for another user, then the item can be checked out again.

• ( Q ) How much will I pay for overdue items?

( A ) Late print and CD book fines are .20 cents a day up to a maximum of $5.00.
Late DVDs fines are $1.00 per day up to a maximum of $10.00.
Interlibrary loan books have overdue fines of $1.00 per day up to a maximum of $10.00.
Lost ILL books must be paid in full by the borrower.

Sign up for our text, phone or email messaging options to stay updated with your item due dates.

• ( Q ) Can I make copies, print or fax at one of your library branches?

( A ) Certainly!

Printing: You can print from one of our public computers for 20 cents per black and white page or 50 cents per color page. Retrieve and pay for your prints at the circulation desk. If you are printing from a file, we recommend emailing it to yourself first or saving it to a cloud service such as Google Drive for easy access after logging into your account. Otherwise, you can bring a portable USB drive. (If you are using a laptop, you can print for free with your wireless connection. Look for the web page called "Wireless Printing for Laptops" for more information.)

Copying: You can use one of our commercial copiers for 20 cents per black and white page or 50 cents per color page. The copier menu has options for two-sided printing, stapling, making copies of an ID card and more. You can pay at the coin receptacle located next to the copier, which accepts $1.00 and $5.00 bills, and gives change.

Faxes: Ask a library staff member to fax a document for you, and the cover sheet you will receive for the fax is not included in the total cost. Faxes are $1.00 per page. You will receive confirmation from the library staff member that the fax was sent successfully.

Feel free to ask a library staff member for assistance with any of these services.

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