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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Most frequently asked questions people have for the Jackson Hinds Library System are listed below. If you do not see your particular question, please do not hesitate to call the library closest to you.

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• ( Q ) Can I get a card even if I do not live in Hinds County?

( A ) Yes, you can!

You can receive a library card and borrowing privileges for $25.00 for an individual or $50.00 for all family members living in the same household.

Hinds County property owners can receive a free card no matter where your primary residence is located.

• ( Q ) I tried to renew my item online and the system would not allow it. Why did this happen?

( A ) If the item you wanted to renew has been requested by another patron, the system will not allow you to renew it. You can place a hold on the item and request the book again if you have not finished it.

• ( Q ) How do I get a PIN (Personal Identification Number)?

( A ) A PIN is automatically assigned to you when you a receive a library card. With this PIN, you can access your account information, renew materials, and access other online services. You can ask a staff member to give you your PIN number at any time. Simply visit your local library branch or give us a call during regular library hours.

• ( Q ) How can an organization rent a library meeting room? What does it cost?

( A ) You can rent a library meeting room by contacting any of the libraries with active meeting rooms either in person or over the phone.

Libraries with actively available meeting rooms are:

Eudora Welty Library
Quisenberry Library
Alexander Library
Bolden Moore Library
Medgar Evers Library
Richard Wright Library
Willie Morris Library
Raymond Library
Edwards Library

Reservation fees for renting the meeting rooms in any library are: $25.00 for 4 hours and $50.00 for 8 hours.

By Mississippi law, commercial businesses cannot rent any public building including public libraries.
Non-profit organizations, such as 501c3 foundations, civic organizations and general interest clubs and educational organizations may be eligible to rent the meeting rooms in our library system. Please check our meeting room policy to see if your organization is eligible to rent our meeting rooms. All meetings held in our libraries must be fully open to the public at all times.

Please see our meeting room policies under the policy section of the About Us section of our website.

• ( Q ) Why can't a commercial business use our library meeting rooms?

( A ) Commercial businesses cannot use library public meeting rooms because all of our library facilities are owned or funded by either the City of Jackson or Hinds County and are considered public buildings. Under two Attorney General opinions issued in 1992, the issue of meeting room use in public buildings was very clearly addressed. The first opinion stated, "Organizations or individuals cannot use public facilities for commercial ventures" and the second one affirms the first policy by saying that, "a municipality may not provide use of public buildings to individuals, businesses or corporations for activities for profit." The JHLS meeting room policy clearly states that the meeting rooms of the Jackson Hinds Library System may be used for public gatherings of an informational, civic, cultural and educational nature. This precludes their use for private business meetings of any kind including staff training, sales meetings or any other kind of meeting of a commercial nature.

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