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  • Global Diversity Awareness

  • Health Literacy

  • Fannie Lou Hamer and the Women’s Suffrage Movement

  • Did You Know Corner and Curiosity Zone



Join the Hamer Library in celebrating diversity!
multicultural kids walking across the top of the world

This October, celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month and pay tribute to the diverse minds and beliefs held by all cultures around the world. We live in a multicultural society and embracing the values of various cultures only strengthens our understanding and appreciation of the world.

Open your mind to new views and ideas, appreciate cultural differences, and enjoy a fresh perspective you may have been missing. It helps you become a true citizen of the world.

 You don’t have to travel the world to learn about another culture. Just take notice of the people in your workplace, in your neighborhood, the places you shop or frequently visit, etc. Different cultures are all around us.

The program is geared toward tweens, teens and adults.

The program is hosted by Fannie Lou Hamer Library.



October is recognized as Health Literacy Month. During this time, organizations and individuals promote the importance of understandable health information. Health Literacy Month brings awareness to breaking down the barriers of understanding. 

Flu season can be hard on us all and especially on the little ones. Here’s something just for kids. This may help some adults as well.

How to Handle Shots


How To Wear A Mask In School, a no-nonsense guide for all ages



Fannie Lou Hamer bronze statue

The Fannie Lou Hamer Library will celebrate our iconic namesake throughout the next three months by sharing her remarkable contribution to the Civil Rights movement and humanity. 

The year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment.

From TED Ed: The historic Women’s Suffrage March on Washington




Remembering Fannie Lou Hamer

October 6 would have been her 103rd birthday. Civil rights legend Fannie Lou Hamer is remembered by those who worked side by side with her in the struggle for voting rights. An African-American sharecropper from the Mississippi Delta, Hamer’s difficulty registering to vote in 1962 led to her career as an outspoken activist, congressional candidate, and fierce fighter for the rights of all. Learn more at


people holding question marks


For those of you with curious minds and enjoy learning something fascinating each week, the Hamer Library invites you to check out our Did You Know…Corner for adults and The Curiosity Zone for children. Here’s a preview for adults…

What is Magna Carta? These British Library animations explain its 800-year legacy.




The “Did You Know” segments will feature intriguing facts encompassing subjects from A – Z (Aardvark to Zombies) and most importantly, something for everyone!

Check this out:

Watch More Videos




Fannie Lou Hamer Library’s October Did You Know…Corner

Did you know?

For Tween, Teen and Adult Audiences

How do U.S. Supreme Court justices get appointed?


Storyline Online: Dulé Hill reads As Fast As Words Could Fly by Pamela M. Tuck


For Adults

There’s no such thing as vegetables – Sci Code


Don’t Wash Your Jeans



Can’t See This (Mind Tricks)


The mysterious science of pain


How to get unstuck from negative thoughts and perceptions



Concrete Does Not Dry Out – Minute Physics



The Hamer Library Hosts: Voting and Civic Engagement for Children

If I Ran for President
Read by: Lonnie Chavis, Parker Bates and Mackenzie Hancsicsak

Written by: Catherine Stier | Illustrated by: Lynne Avril Cravath | Published by: Albert Whitman & Company

Suggested grade level: 2nd – 3rd. Run time: 8 minutes



Children’s Programs for October 20th & November 3rd, 2020

 The Jackson/Hinds Library System has a ton of fun and informative books about voting that children will love.

Check out these titles:

  • Fannie Lou Hamer and the Fight for the Vote by Penny Colman
  • Amelia Bedelia’s First Vote by Herman Parish
  • Girls Who Code: Spotlight on Coding Club by Michelle Schusterman and
  • I Voted: Making a Choice Makes a Difference by Mark Shulman 

…just to name a few. Click here to go to our online catalog!



Healthy Body – All Ages

Them Not So Dry Bones – Schoolhouse Rock




Story Time: October 25-31

Quackenstein Hatches a Family read by Kristen Bell



Lucas the Spider Adventures: Lucas tells a scary story and meets a new friend.




DIY for Kids: Moving Spider Craft

A very easy and fun craft!



Curiosity Corner

Illustration of two Caucasian children reading next to a globe and smiling.

Here’s an interesting tidbit about spiders.




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