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JHLS Employment Application

Note: The Jackson Hinds Library System performs criminal background checks, drug screenings and transcript verifications for all prospective employees. Any lack of honesty in disclosing information in any of these areas will result in immediate withdrawal of any employment offer.

Section 1- Contact Information

First Name* Last Name* Email* Telephone* Cell Phone Address* City* Zip* Are you 16 years of age or older?*

Section 2 - Position Information

Position you are applying for?* If "Other", Please Explain Position?*
Have you worked in a Library in this position before?* If "Yes", What Position?*
If applying for a Library position, please denote below if you currently have a MLS Degree from an ALA accredited program or are if you are enrolled in a Library Science Program.* If "Enrolled", What program?*
Are you available to work on weekdays? If so, when?
Are you available to work on Saturday? If so, when?
Are you available to work on Sundays?

Section 3 - Education Information

Are you attending or have you graduated from High School?* If "Attending", Where? Are you attending College?* If "Yes", Where? What are your post-graduate plans? If you have a college degree or multiple degrees, please list each degree and institution below separated by commas below: Activities / Interests ( Clubs, Organizations, Sports, etc. ): Special Training or Certifications ( IT, Art, etc. ):

Section 4 - Employment Information

May we check with your present employer for references?* Current Employer ( Name and Phone Number ): Previous Employers ( Name and Phone Number in Chronological Order ):
The Jackson Hinds Library System has multiple locations. Do you have a preference as to job location?
Please list at least 3 references* ( Name, Position, and Phone Numbers): Attach Your PDF Resume ( Do not exceed 2 MB in file size ):
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